Design Team

A dynamic duo for the past ten years: after leaving a previous salon, Kristan and Michele discovered the perfect opportunity to open a salon in Berlin, Maryland, and Oh My Hair! was born. Eight years on, the co-owners have cultivated an environment that supports and encourages women to reach their full potential. Michele has successfully brought on seven apprentices over the years, allowing these women to become stylists at a fraction of the cost of cosmetology school.

From hands-on training to creating a safe space for women, these two inspiring businesswomen are incredibly proud to call Oh My Hair! their own.

Michele Harrington

Owner & Extentionist

Kristan Golden

Owner & Master Hair Stylist

Jessica Shanahan

Master Stylist & Extensionist

Colleen McAlister

Master Stylist

Alexis Dunlap

Junior Stylist

Niomi Leimbach

Licensed Assistant

Bella Morsey

Licensed Assistant