Style Notes

As summer months are fast approaching, the most popular service in salons around the world is…BLONDING! As simple as it sounds, when a client says “I just want to be blonder”, there is so much more to it. One of the major components to consider before going blonde, is skin and undertones. Also, having an understanding of what shade of blonde will really make the eye color pop! For clients and hairstylists alike, it is so important to understand just exactly what the end goal is and should be. So, let’s talk about the “50 Shades of Blonde”!

*Disclaimer: I will not actually be listing 50, but the name is cute*

Icy Blonde – An icy look is a very on trend, high fashion color that has been dominating for a few years now. Icy blondes are pale as white, with some subtle touches of beige and ashy/iridescent undertones. This look can be a total show stopper, however, it is not meant for everyone. Icy blondes look best on those with a porcelain complexion and cool undertones.

Honey Blondes – A beautiful honey blonde (not to be confused with a yellow, under processed blonde) is a great option for those with a fair complexion and warm undertones. Layering the warm tones of your hair and skin will give you a lovely glow and leave your hair looking rich and buttery. This look is created by a combination of warmth such as strawberry, golden, or honey tones and beige or neutral falling somewhere in the middle.

Sandy Blonde – A very versatile option. This look is amazing for those with fair skin and yellowish undertones and light eyes such as blue or hazel. Sandy Blonde is also for you tanned beach babes going for a beachy look. Lastly, this is a great option for camouflaging grey hairs because it neutralizes their appearance. This look has a warm, darker blonde base with the majority of the hair being neutral and beige tones.

Bronding – The grown out blonde or the rooted blonde is a great option for those of you that can’t necessarily commit to a long term relationship with your stylist or for those of you with an Olive complexion. This look is a combination of a dark, melted down, base color with an even mixture of platinum and honey highlights/balayage running throughout the hair. This technique creates a bold and bright look all the while appearing to be undone and natural. This option allows for the most movement in hair, making it appear thicker and giving it more depth.